We show you why content is NOT king and what you need to focus on to keep your customers on your website.

Over the years that we have been developing websites and trawling the internet, we have seen hundreds (thousands, perhaps?!) of websites and a lot of them – even today – are just unattractive to look at.

In fact, recently I came across a site that was just full of text – a whole page of text!  But let’s be real, who’s going to sit there and read a whole page of straight text? I think I got through about 4 lines… and gave up!

In another instance, I was shopping for something online and came across an online shop that had exactly what I wanted – it was obviously a DIY site, things were overlapping, and it had an error logged at the bottom of the screen.  I decided to head to the contact page to see where this shop was based…. but there was no information – no email, no phone number – just a contact form to fill out!  Well that site had done nothing to build my trust and the design and errors really put me off – so I gave that purchase a miss and found it elsewhere.

Now I’m not knocking those that DIY – but it has to look goooood!  It has to inspire trust and confidence – or people are not going to buy.

Have you heard that old adage ‘Content Is King’?  Sure, it’s understandable, after all content is what is indexed by the search engines so that people can find you, content is what gets shared and content is what keeps people on your website.  But given that recent experience in online shopping, in this video we share why content is not king and what really does sit at the top of the hierarchy – however that’s not to say that content is not important, in fact, it could very well be considered to be queen.